ARC Review: Shadowsong


Rating: 5/5 stars

“For love is our only immortality, and when memory is faded and gone, it is our legacies that endure.”

Someone please send help. I’m just a ball of emotions after finishing this.
I just want to cry and cry and CRY at how perfect this sequel was.

I think it’s pretty cool that I started off 2017 with my favorite book of the year, Wintersong, and now I’m also finishing the year with another favorite book, Shadowsong. And they just so happen to be both books in a duology. Please don’t make me choose which one I liked more because I simply can’t. I would like to thank Wednesday Books for sending me a copy of this gem and making my 2017 year of reading complete.

In short, I’ll list some of my favorite things about this book and then we’ll get into everything I can talk about without spoiling anything.


Things I loved:

-The fierce protectiveness amongst the siblings
-Character growth is about a 250/10, seriously guys, it’s impressive
-Finding out the Goblin King’s name (ya girl guessed it right!)
-The story being in the mortal world
-Josef and Liesl trying accept love and deal with mental illness/self harm

First, let’s start off with the author’s note in this book. The author personally offers readers a content note which I think is FANTASTIC. It basically let’s readers know that this book contains characters who deal with addiction, self harm, reckless behavior, and suicidal ideation. I am behind and respect this 100%. I think this is so important for those who might find any of the above topics triggering.

Kudos to you, S. Jae Jones

Second, for people who think this will be like Wintersong, IT’S NOT. Not even close. For starters the Goblin King isn’t really in this book until the very end. At first I was kind of sad about that but I think it definitely makes you appreciate him and his relationship with Liesl even more. *heart emoji eyes* It also takes place above ground for about 90% of the book and then we get to go back into the Underground. Also, this book is much darker and heavier than the first. This book is about Liesl trying to overcome herself and reconnect with Josef after he has been gone. We find out what Josef has gone through while he has been away and we also see Josef trying to cope with the BOMBSHELL that was dropped in Wintersong, that he didn’t know about. (Vague much? I know, but I won’t spoil anything for y’all).

Third, the writing in this book is GORGEOUS. Seriously, it’s so nice it hurts. Everything about this book just HURTS. This is also a giant reason I love this duology. I’m just enamored by the writing. Hence, why both books have worked there way up to all time favorites right next to Harry Potter. That’s how good I think these books are.

Seriously though, these quotes RUINED me.

“My love, I am sorry. If I could write a thousand songs, a thousand words, I would tell you in each and every one how sorry I am that I broke my promise to you. We promised that distance wouldn’t make a difference to us. We promised we would write each other letters. We promised we would share our music with each other in paper, in ink, and in blood. I broke those promises. I can only hope you will forgive me. I have so much to share, Sepp.”

“I am not a saint; I am a sinner. I wish you were dead so I could live. If you were dead, I could bury you—in my heart and in my mind. I could mourn you, then let you go.”

“Perhaps I loved the monstrous because I was a monster. Josef, the Goblin King, and me. We were grotesques in the world above, too different, too odd, too talented, too much. We were all too much.”

“But I had realized I had not known how it ended because I had not resolved my own emotions- about my music, about my Goblin King, but about myself most of all.”

“”Reality is what you make of it, Elisabeth,” he says. “The same as madness. Whether or not this is real matters not to me but matters to you. Therefore which is it? What would you rather it be?””

These are just a few of my favorites but believe me when I tell you my book is marked left and right with SO many more beautiful quotes.

All in all, this book, although much different than Wintersong, is the perfect companion to conclude this dark, magical romance of Liesl and her Goblin King, as well as Lisel and her siblings and even herself. I’m so sad this story is over and the ending wrecked my soul but it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

The only thing left I have to say to my favorite character I have ever had the pleasure of reading, the Goblin King, “be, thou, with me”.

Until next time!


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