Review: Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Gone Rogue

34930815“You don’t need to be changed or fixed. You’re my alpha, always.”

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

You guys, I’m super sad. The day is officially here, I have finished every book in The Lunar Chronicles, all the books, the novellas, and now the graphic novels, done. Now what am I supposed to do?

I definitely preferred the books and novellas over the graphic novels but I do have admit they are a lot of fun and add a nice touch the series. I’ve only read two graphic novels in my life (the other one being Wires and Nerve: Volume 1) so at times I had to remind myself to slow down and look at the pictures because I was just flying through it, anyone else do this? The artwork in this seems pretty simple but I think it perfectly fits the characters and the setting, plus it’s nice to put faces to names that I’ve read about for so long.

The story picks up almost one year after Cinder and her gang overthrew Queen Leava. Cinder, is struggling with being the queen. Levana’s hybrid soldiers are still wreaking havoc demanding to be genetically changed back to their human forms. Iko, is hunting these soldiers and so on. You can expect lots of action in this and romance from all of your favs, especially Scarlett and Wolf. Although, not nearly enough from Cress and Thorne and my OTP, Winter and Jacin. Ugh, I love them and miss them. This will totally tug on your heartstrings and remind you why you loved the series so much (assuming you loved it).

My main complaint that I have with these graphic novels is, Iko. She is my FAVORITE character out the series and the book Iko is so different from the Iko we get in the graphic novels. It seems she lost her wittiness and lovable attitude somewhere along the way. She does have some semblance of her true self in these graphic novels but there is just something about her that feels so off. I wish these graphic novels could have captured a little more of her personality. The only other complaint I have is the small plot points that we never really got any closure on. I would love to see a third volume in which we could get these answers, just saying. 😉

All in all, if you read The Lunar Chronicles, and want one last adventure with these awesome characters then definitely give these graphic novels a shot. While I am sad to see this series go I think it was a relatively good end (loose ends and all). Who knows, maybe it’s really not the end, a girl can dream right?!

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