Contemporary January

HELLO 2019!! ✨

Happy New Year bookish fam! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, likes the Goodread’s Challenge color, and is ready to crush their reading goals for this year!

A few nights ago, I finished How She Died, How I Lived and immediately texted Amanda over at Classy x Book Reviews shoving this book down her throat. Don’t worry, I’ll be shoving it down your throat too the moment I post my review. Once we got talking for awhile we both came to the same conclusion that we have WAY too many contemporary books sitting on our shelves and we’re both stuck in fantasy slumps. After rattling off a ton of the books we just haven’t got around to yet we came up with Contemporary January, which is basically a full month of reading any and all contemporaries that got tucked away and forgotten about on our TBR’s. Plus, it’s also a pretty good way to kick off the new year and our new reading goals.

Contemp Jan


-Read however many or however little books you want, it’s up to you!
-Make sure to use the hashtag #ContemporayJanuary on Insta/Twitter so we can update each other and send more book rec’s.
-Have fun!

That’s it guys, it’s really simple! 😁

Amanda and I, will also be posting on our blogs about some of our favorite contemporary books, releases were excited for in 2019, and books still sitting on our TBR’s throughout the month.

We can’t wait to see which books you pick and look forward to crushing our first month of reading this year with you all!

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “Contemporary January

  1. Hallo, Hallo *waves!*

    As I was telling your co-partner, I’ve been planning which Contemporaries I want to be reading this month to kick-off my Contemporary Reads for the year – I tend to be smitten by Historicals and that leads me away from reading the ones set in the modern era! Also, I’m trying to get back into reading Fantasy this month so I had to smile about why your moving back into Contemporaries! I think this concentration readathon works for a lot of us for different reasons! I might even have a few RALs attached to the ones I’m queuing into reading!

    My first post(s) about this should come along this week as I wanted to talk about why it appealled to me, etc. as well as talking about which stories in particular I wanted to focus on!


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