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We are just about two and half weeks away from the final installment in the Caraval series. That’s right, Finale is officially almost here. I may or may not be panicking. While I’m patiently waiting to tackle my UPS man to the ground when I get the notification that my Finale Box is out for delivery from Owl Crate, I’m going to be doing this awesome tag in the meantime. I was tagged by Loretta over at Laughing Listener, make sure you check out her blog!


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  2. Link back to Booked J. Or tag me in your post on Twitter (@bookedj). I want to see everyone’s answers!
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  4. Remember, it’s only a game…

Let’s dive in!

It’s Only a Game Tag 🃏 🎪 🎭

1. Performer, participant, or watcher?

Hands down, I would LOVE to be a participant.
We gon’ find this truth and win this game, plain and simple.

2. Which one of the fates would you rather not cross paths with? Which would you want to cross paths with? Why? (For a list of all the fates click here)

I guess I have to go with the Undead Queen because with her comes her Handmaidens and I definitely would not want to cross paths with them. Anyone who has their mouth sown shut is mildly terrifying in my book.  As for who I would want to cross paths with, I think I’d go with The Prince of Hearts. Let’s see if that boy could shatter my ice cold heart.

3. The Luckless Coin—Do you believe in bad omens?

Nope, I have a very hard time believing in signs whether they be good or bad.

4. The Sisters—Which one do you see yourself in the most? Do you find it difficult knowing when to walk away from something? AND/OR: Do you have a sister or friend who you’d love or protect like they do each other?

I am Tella, Tella is me.
There’s no other way around it.
These are just the facts of life.
Yes, I find it EXTREMELY difficult to walk away from things. And yes, I have a sister who I would legit kill someone for. Normally, when you start dating someone new you want to make a good first impression for the other person’s parents, however, in my sisters case she has to say “it’s not my parents I’m worried about…it’s my little sister.” Not gonna lie, I take a lot of pride in that.

5. The closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world… What is the closest thing to magic in our world, for you? 

I can’t think of any singular moment in my life where I felt like magic or fate was real…except when I was at Harry Potter World. That shit is REALISTIC as hell. And I’m pumped because in less than a month I’ll be back there!

6. No longer dull shades of bland, the dress was now a rich cerise… If you were to put on an enchanted item of clothing, what color would it become?

Majority of you probably already know that my answer would be black…and you’re right, but I’ll also add some red in there too. Red is hot AF and if I’m wearing some enchanted article of clothing we may as well spice it up a little more, am I right?

7. Wishes were things of wonder that took a certain amount of faith and Julian seemed the type to trust only what he saw… Do you believe in the impossible? Or are you a skeptic?

Skeptic, for sure.
I’m one of those “anything that can possibly go wrong will” type of people. I mean sure, you hear times when the impossible actually does happen, but will it ever happen to me?  Probably not, so I’m not holding my breath and I’ll continue preparing for the worst.

8. Impractical dreams and untethered imagination… What was something you fiercely believed in as a child?

This is hella emabarassing, but when I was younger my parents had these little realistic looking statues outside in our garden. They were things like deer, squirrels, raccoons, etc. For some reason I grew very attached to one of the raccoon statues and I truly believed it was my pet. I would not let tell anyone tell me otherwise. I used to carry it around with me and on a few specific instances tried to bring to bed with me at night which always resulted in me getting caught. But it was worth it because Pocahontas had a pet raccoon so clearly I needed one too.

9. The Characters—Who’s your favorite in the Caraval series?

My girl, Tella.
Even when I was reading Caraval, I didn’t care too much for Scarlett. I’ve always been about Tella just for the fact that she reminds me so much of myself.

10. Truth or adventure? How would you play the game? Are you a seeker of truth or breathless adrenaline? 

I am without a doubt a truth seeker. I’m definitely not the type to just jump into action without overthinking everything a thousand times. I think I would be a pretty good truth seeker too because I don’t stop until I get to the bottom of whatever I’m searching for. 10/10 would make a great FBI agent.

11. Give away a day or your life, or sleep? Which would you rather give up? Or are you unwilling to sacrifice either?

I’d give away a day of my life…probably. Honestly, I need some more clarification on this though. If I give away a day of my life will it be tomorrow? Because I’m not doing much so it probably wouldn’t be missed. Or am I giving away a day in the future? Like are y’all gonna come for the best of my life? Because then we might have problems. But if I pick sleep…how long am I sleeping for? Will I stop being perpetually tired? Or will I wake up ten years later and still be a tired bitch?

These are the important questions, my friends.
We’re not falling for ANY Caraval shenanigans over here.

12. Hopeful and magical… Scarlett loves the color gold because it feels hopeful and magical. What gives you hope?

I’m going with Loretta and saying me. I’m really not the type of person to hope for things. If there’s something I want it bad enough, I’ll get it done.
End of story.

13. The Words—What is your favorite quote from Caraval?

“No one is truly honest,” Nigel answered. “Even if we don’t lie to others, we often lie to ourselves. And the word good means different things to different people.”

14. Safe and guarded… What is your happy place? Is it a person? A place? Something nestled away in fiction?

At home on my couch, alone, surrounded by my books, with an iced coffee, and a bag of pretzels.

15. Two halves of the same heart… Do you ship anything in Caraval? If so, who? If not, pick any relationship from any fandom.

Tella and Legend better be end game or I’m suing.
That’s all.

16. The bad and the morally gray… What is your favorite archetype when it comes to the characters of Caraval? Who do you think fits the title of “villain” best of all? Is there one?

I meannnnnn, I LOVE to love villains, especially well-written ones. But who best fits the title of “villain” in this series?! I have no idea. It could be anyone or it could be no one, that’s what makes these books so great. I love that you can’t trust anyone.

17. Would the game bring out the most selfish of selfless parts of you? Whether you’re a performer or participant or watcher.

Definitely selfish, sorry not sorry. I’m here to win, not make friends.
But I’d gladly be friends with y’all after I win the games.

18. Spells cast aren’t easily shaken off… What books have been nearly impossible for you to shake off or forget through the years? 

Besides my all time favorite Looking for Alaska which I can’t shake off for how much it helped me cope with a situation I was going through, I’m going to go with ACOMAF. That cliffhanger, y’all? I’m still shook.

19. What do you wish to see in Finale?

Besides more of Legend’s back story….nothing in particular. I’m keeping my hopes relatively low for this one, but because I think it will be bad but because I want to be surprised and blown away by this book just like all the others.

Hope you guys had as much fun reading this as I did coming up with my answers. Now who else is pumped for Finale?

If you’re a fan of the Caraval series consider yourself TAGGED and send me the link to your post so I can check out your answers.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “It’s Only A Game Tag

  1. This is such a cool tag, and HOW IS FINALE ONLY A WEEK AWAY?? Wow, time truly is passing by quickly. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Tella and Dante! Hehe. My magical dress would absolutely be black and red as well. If I were a participant in Caraval, ha, I would be so selfish. No one better trust me, because I will stab them all in the back.

    Lovely post! ❤


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