Mini Review: Enemies to Lovers Recent Reads

Hello bookish friends! ✨

Today we’re changing things up just a little bit! In an effort to talk about ALL of the books I read and not just the big releases or the popular books currently available, I’m going to be doing mini reviews also. These will include books that I’ve read (probably more romance than anything) that I would like to share my thoughts on but obviously won’t be writing a full review for. Each mini review post will probably include anywhere from 2-5 books that I’ve recently read and all have something in common with one another!

For today’s topic we’re talking one of my favorite tropes ever…enemies to lovers!

Let’s dive in!

On the Corner of Love and Hate

42587433._SY475_Rating: 2/5 stars
Synopsis: HERE
Release Date: August 20, 2019
Thank you Gallery Books for sending me an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review!

The premise of this was an A++. The execution? Not so much. Emma and Cooper are supposed to be “enemies” but they’re basically childhood best friends who grew apart when they went their separate ways to college. Now Emma is Cooper’s campaign manager as he runs for mayor and is trying to convince herself she has no feelings for him. If you enjoy relatively smut-less books with a Hallmark type of feel this may be a good one for you! Unfortunately, it just didn’t work well with me and I was rather bored from all the politic talk instead of the tension I really wanted.


The Kiss Thief

41450662. sy475 Rating: 3/5 stars
Synopsis: HERE

Not my favorite L.J. Shen book, not the worst. This author is one of my go-to’s for romance because the angst and lust she writes is just so good. Her bad-boys are rude and unapologetic, and what can I say, sometimes I just love a dude who is a complete asshole. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t as much of a love triangle as I thought there would be, it ended pretty quick. This is like a mob meets politics type of romance that wasn’t too heavy on either of the topics, which works because that means there was so much time for lust and tension. Also, for anyone concerned this does include an age gap, 19 vs. 30, and a rather unpleasant/wtf moment for a first sex scene. But otherwise A++ for the tension, lust, rude alpha male, dirty talk, and angst.

There you have it, my most recent enemies to lovers reads!
If you’ve read any good ones lately please let me know, I’m always on the hunt for more.

Until next time,


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