Series Review: The Mortician’s Daughter

Happy Friday bookish friends!✨

Today we’re going to be reviewing not one, not two, but THREE books!
That’s right, folks, an entire series that I had the pleasure of reading over the last month.

Earlier this year I read In Another Life by C.C. Hunter and really enjoyed it. You can check out my review HERE. So, when I was asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing the author’s paranormal series The Mortician’s Daughter I was more than happy to accept. I mean, come on, say the word paranormal and I’m there! These books were a lot of fun to read and brought back all the early 2000’s paranormal nostalgia I’ve missed.

Let’s dive in!

Rating Breakdown

One Foot in the Grave (Book One) – ★★★
Two Feet Under (Book Two)- ★★★★
Three Heartbeats Away (Book Three)- ★★★★

Overall Rating-

The Verdict

tw: murder, mentions of rape, alcoholism, bullying, domestic abuse

The Mortician’s Daughter is a trilogy that follows seventeen year old Riley Smith who seems like your average teenage girl, except she can see the dead. Not only can she see them but she can also communicate with them and in a way is partly responsible for helping restless spirits with unfinished business pass to the other side. Normally, it would be pretty easy for her to avoid these spirits but with her father being a mortician he literally brings his work home with him…even if he doesn’t realize it.

Over the course of the three books Riley comes in contact with several spirits and each book is “dedicated” to a specific spirit who needs help in the real world before they are able to cross over to the other side. Book one will put Riley face to face with a murderer and rapist as she tries to help a girl make her family believe her death was not an accident. Book two has Riley caught up with a gang as she tries to convince the leader of the gang to save his convicted brother’s daughter who needs a new kidney. And book three has Riley helping a dead bride who is hellbent on catching her killer before they strike again. While all of this is going on Riley is also dealing with one other spirit who is unlike the others. Riley can not only communicate with Hayden, the cute boy who wants to help her, but she can touch him and feel him and of course just might be falling for him too.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this series is that while is does deal largely with paranormal elements there are also a lot of other themes dealt with over the span of the three books. Riley is new in town and has to adjust to a new school, making new friends, and avoiding new enemies. She also comes from a family with a single father who she’s pretty sure is an alcoholic and as each book progresses we find out more and more about not only Riley’s dad but the rest of Riley’s family as well. She’s dealing with falling in love with a boy she’s pretty sure is a ghost but for some reason can touch and feel and isn’t sure why. So yeah, like I said, she has A LOT of other things to deal with besides the dead asking her for help and it was a lot of fun to see how she balances the craziness of her teenage life while also solving crimes and helping the dead move on as well.

If you’re like me and love basically anything paranormal this will definitely hit home for you. Even though there were some cliches thrown into the story every now and then it was nice to be able to dive back into a new series that reminded me of all the books I grew up reading and loved. I FLEW through all three of these books and binged the heck out of them especially due to the fact that each book gets better and better.  Out of all three books that last was definitely my favorite and I loved how the author wrapped the trilogy up with a super satisfying ending. All three of these books are released and ready to be added to your TBR’s and if you’re looking for binge-worthy paranormal romance read for the spooky season that is approaching this is definitely not to be missed!

A huge thank you to C.C. Hunter and her assistant Kathleen for providing me with all three books in the series in exchange for an honest review!

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