October Read-a-thon Announcement: Bookeyman-A-Thon

Happy September, bookish friends! 🎃 💀 ✨

Now that autumn is near I can officially talk to you guys about a read-a-thon Steph over at Books in the Skye and I, have been planning for quite some time now. It’s no surprise that we both love Halloween and this October we’re excited to announce there’s a new month long read-a-thon heading your way!



This Halloween the Bookeyman is coming. He’s here to take all the books away! & I need your help defeating him. We’ve gathered the best of the best but only one team can have the final victory over defeating the Bookeyman. Which team will you join this October?

Witches will represent Team Coven.
Monsters will represent Team Mash.
Zombies will represent Team Horde.
Vampires will represent Team Clan.
Werewolves will represent Team Pack.

Who will you represent this Halloween season?
Who will hold the final victory over the Bookeyman?!


Steph and I, created a FAQ page that explains the entire read-a-thon which you can find HERE.

The sign-up link has all the information for the prompts/challenges depending on whichever team you decide to join! You can earn points for your team by completing your prompts and challenge, reading your team book, and even snag a few extra points by doing other team’s challenges as well. We’re trying to get as spooky as possible this October!

If you have any other questions or need recommendations, Steph and I, will be following the hashtag #BookeymanAThon very closely on Twitter. You can always e-mail us too if you’re not on Twitter. We hope you’ll join us 😉

The Bookeyman-A-Thon officially kicks off October 1st so grab your friends, grab your books, and may the best team win!

Until next time,


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