Blogtober: WWW Wednesday

Hello, witches! 🎃 👻 ✨

Welcome back to another WWW Wednesday! In case you missed any of my other WWW Wednesday posts, here is the idea behind the tag:

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @Taking On A World Of Words, the rules are simple you just have to answer these three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Let’s dive in!

What am I currently reading?

  • I’m still trying to finish The Institute. *sweats nervously* It’s not that it’s bad I’ve just pushed it aside for so many other books, slowly but surely we’re getting through it, folks!
  • Hello, it’s me from the grave because VAMPIRES ARE BACK. If you thought I wasn’t going to jump on The Beautiful the second it came out you must have fallen and bumped your head. I am so excited for this and so far I’m loving it!

What did I recently finish reading?

The Babysitter’s Coven and Reveal Me were both 2.5 star reads.

  • I’ll have a review up for The Babysitter’s Coven soon but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. If you are looking for a witchy read this October now would be the perfect time to pick this up, just know it does read on the younger side of YA.
  • I have to say, Reveal Me was the better of the two Kenji novellas but still not that great. I’m looking forward to the last book in this series so that it can be over once and for all since the last two books have felt like overkill.

What will I read next?


  • Next up is Practical Magic which I’m reading as my Team Book for the Bookeyman-A-Thon. I haven’t decided if I want to read the physical book or listen to the audiobook yet, but either way I’m excited for more witches!

Stay spooky,


9 thoughts on “Blogtober: WWW Wednesday

  1. I am writing a vampire story at the moment. One I’ve revisited and revived from my teenage days. It is not yet published as it is nowhere near completion. But if you want to check it out feel free!


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