Monday Madness

Happy Monday!! ✨

It’s a dreary day over here and I’m feeling pretty blah about the upcoming week so I figured I would do this and hold myself accountable for some things I would like to get done this week.

The idea of Monday Madness is to set up goals for the fresh, new craziness of another week. In each post I’ll talk about my reading goals, personal ones, and talk about books that are releasing this week that I’m excited about! It’s pretty simple but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have crushed all the goals I set for myself.

Weekly Reading Goals

I desperately NEED to finish these two books this week. I started reading Renegades about ten days ago for a buddy read and failed miserably because the story is off to a slow start. I’m still only 40% through so I just need to power through and get it done. As for Ice Like Fire….I started this book earlier this year and just never got around to finishing it. My Libby app says I’m on track to finish it in 2 years.

New Releases This Week I’m Excited About


Today is my birthday, tomorrow the Queen of Nothing comes out.
Coincidence? I think not.

Personal Goals for the Week

-Run 5 miles
-Cycle 20 miles
-Learn a few new recipes to make for our annual Friendsgiving on Friday!
-Brainstorm some new blog features for 2020 (I’m currently working on a few ideas that I think will be a lot of fun!)

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Happy birthday!
    I hope you can manage all your goals! I really hope to read queen of nothing ASAP!



  2. Omg we’re having Friendsgiving on Saturday and I’ve been looking up new recipes too! I haven’t found anything I’m super committed to yet though.

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  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I have Ice Like Fire and havent started it! The books been sitting in my bookcase for a while! I loved the first book but there’s always something new and shiny stopping me from finishing the series! 😦

    Ive been waiting for QON so I can finally have the last of the series and do a Holly Black binge with no interruptions!


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