Mini Hiatus

Hey y’all! ❄️ 🎅🏻 🌲

I hope you guys are having the best December and getting ready for the holidays that are quickly approaching! I’ve been a little MIA on here so I decided I’m going to take the rest of the month off from posting, this way I don’t feel too bad or like I’m slacking this month. I may pop back on here and do an end of the year book tag just for fun though!

In the meantime while I’m gone I have A LOT of things planned to roll out next year and I also need some time to work on that too. So, even though I won’t be posting on here you can still find me on Twitter or Goodreads. As for what I’m working on next year it’s still 100% in the works but it involves reading all of a series or ALL of the books written by an author and ranking them, reading more adult books this way I can have a nice variety of books to talk about on here, and a few more surprises…so I definitely need a little more time to complete that. But I’m excited to make 2020 my best blogging and reading year yet!

Here’s a few books that I’m planning on reading before the year ends

The keyword here is PLANNING 🙃

Plus, I have 4 more books to go on my reading goal of 100 this year but I promised myself I’m going to do it!

I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday season, I’ve had a great time chatting books with you all year and I’m so thankful to be a part of the this community! 🖤 ✨

Catch y’all in the new year!



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