Series Review: The Selection

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Today we’re doing things a little differently and instead of talking about one book we’re talking about a whole damn series. Yep, you read that right. We’re going to covering an entire series in today’s post, novellas and all. I know that sounds like a pretty daunting/info dump type of post but I promise I’ve broken it down into an easy discussion much like my wrap ups. Y’all should know I’m not an in-depth type of gal.

So let’s get into it, shall we? The series we’re covering today is The Selection by Kiera Cass and chances are you’ve probably already read it. But since I life under a rock apparently I just recently spent some time binge reading the heck out of this series.

Let’s dive in!

What’s it about?

Selection Collage IIIn short, this is about a girl named America Singer who enters a competition to win the Prince’s heart. Think of the show The Bachelor where one man has to pick who he’ll marry by the end of the series. Along the way America will make friends, enemies, become the voice of the nation, and have to choose between the two men she loves. The series then takes a turn for books four and five and picks up twenty years after The Selection. It’s told from her daughters POV as she undergoes the first ever Selection for a queen instead of a prince

Rating Breakdown

The Selection (#1) – ★★★
The Elite (#2) – ★★★
The Guard (#2.5) – ★★
The One  (#3) – ★★★★
The Favorite (#3.5) – ★★
The Heir (#4) – ★★
The Crown (#5) – ★★

Mini Thoughts

My spoiler-free thoughts on each book at the time of reading.

  1. The Selection = The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor meets America’s Next Top Model + a love twist. Entertaining and fulfilling for the time being but I felt like I’ve read a book similar to this a thousand times over. Somehow I’m okay with the love triangle for now? The ending is nothing spectacular but enough to make me take out the second book from my library right away.
  2. The Elite – America is indecisive AF as per usual which has grown A LOT more annoying. Maxon calling her out on her bullshit was the highlight of this book. At this point I am 100% over the love triangle. Maxon and America only or we riot at dawn.
  3. The One – My wig is permanently SNATCHED. So many plot twists that my jaw is on the floor. I had no choice but to stay up all night reading this. However, I’m not a fan of how many plot holes were never addressed. I’m nervous about the next two books because I feel like the series is now going to take the Shatter Me series approach and add more books for no reason.
  4. The Heir – I was right, this 100% took the Shatter Me approach. New insufferable characters, same shit. I was not having a good time with this one. America’s daughter Eadlyn is extremely entitled and ignorant, if I wasn’t so far into the series at this point I would have DNF’ed.
  5. The Crown – I will admit, Eadlyn did grow on me a little bit. Her choice of who would be her husband was pretty obvious, however, the “romance” was majorly lacking. I think the author could have done a lot better all things considering, especially because there’s so much jammed into the last 10% of the book. I get that the main plot of this series is America and Eadlyn being a part of the Selection but the author throws so much politics into the story and then never really resolves any of the issues that were huge in both of their stories which is definitely frustrating. It seems the be the author’s theme though with how much she left hanging in The One as well.

Favorite Book


Even though I felt like The One left a lot of loose ends for America’s story it was definitely the most engaging, fast paced read out of the whole series. Plus, the plot twists at the end of this one blew my damn mind.

Least Favorite Book


Eadlyn is 100% the worst. She’s arrogant, entitled, and ignorant all wrapped in one annoying bundle. And even though she did grow as a character throughout this I still couldn’t stand her and it just left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall Rating

Would I recommend it?

So here’s the thing, if you’re looking for a binge worthy series that’s easy to to fly through then I’d vote yes. It can get a little repetitive at times, but it’s pretty entertaining. However, if you’re looking for a more in depth, fresh, and unique story then no. This series has a lot of elements found in other popular YA series so it’s really no surprise why this was so successful. But I always felt that when I was reading this series it was something I’ve read before especially because it reminds me so much of The Hunger Games… but with ballgowns.

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7 thoughts on “Series Review: The Selection

  1. I love this format for a series review! I’m currently working on a series review for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before [let’s be real I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to write full reviews] and I always struggle with them. Also, this series is the epitome of trash and I love it.


    1. Thank you! It was actually a lot of fun to write so I think I’m going to try and do this more often!

      Hahaha it does definitely help us to not write full reviews, but I think they’re a nice change up. It was definitely a super entertaining series doing this type of post with! I’ll keep an eye out for your TATBILB series review ☺️

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