Romance Recommendations From the Most Unromantic Person Ever

Hello, lovies! 💕

It’s almost Valentine’ Day which means my gag reflex is in full swing right about now. Flowers, chocolate, romantic gestures, I want NONE of it, but maybe you do? You’re probably wondering “why would I want romance rec’s from someone who doesn’t like romance?” and I promise I have an answer for that . Even though I’m someone who is extremely unromantic in person, I love it when it comes to books, like, literal trash for it.  It makes absolutely no sense, I know. But for this dreaded upcoming V day I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorite love stories with and without smut just in case you might be looking to cozy up with a good book while avoiding all the ooey gooey posts on instagram all day long.

Let’s dive in!

Romance w/ Smut Books

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? Penelope Douglas is my favorite romance author (we’re not going to talk about the recent tragedy that was Credence), and out of all of her books so far Punk 57 and Kill Switch are my favorites. Nobody writes tension and characters that make you go from loathing them to loving them quite like Penelope Douglas and I am so here for literally any kind of book she writes.

32050074. sy475

This book is very, very, very, very and I cannot stress this enough VERY dark. There are a thousand and one trigger warnings that come attached to this book so make sure you look into them before picking this book up. It’s a dark, sick, twisted mafia meets drug cartel type of story, so you know that hate to love is about to be next level. I devoured this trilogy the day each of the books came out and it was pretty much the one time I was cool with a HEA, probably because the rest of the books were so fucked up.

30839185. sy475

I’m a pretty big fan of L.J. Shen’s books… or at least some of her older ones since the last few I read haven’t been my favorites, however, her Sinners of Saint series has always been a favorite of mine. If you’re looking for lots of tension, the enemies to lovers trope, a super douche, and steamy scenes Vicious is a pretty good place to start. The other books that stay within the same circle of friends have been pretty good follow-ups as well.

Romance w/ Little to No Smut


This one took me by surprise because Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard series was smutty AF (also recommend those for my smut lovers), but this one wasn’t. Which I mean, no big deal but I kind of signed up for this thinking it was smutty. However, it was a fun enemies to lovers story with the “fade to black” sex scenes. It had me equal parts laughing over the hilarity of the situation the characters found themselves in and pining over the romance, so I would still definitely recommend it.


If you’re looking for a cute romance that gets a little wacky and over the top but will have you laughing out loud Would Like to Meet is definitely just that. Evie is desperately trying to get the promotion she deserves and decides to go head to head with her arrogant client by proving she can meet and fall for someone just like people do in rom-coms. It definitely put’s her in some interesting situations and makes for a pretty fun story.


You thought I was going to leave this off the list? No ma’am. If you have not picked up the book literally EVERYONE raved about last year, what are you even doing? The romance, the politics, the characters…all of it was just so good and I will forever be so soft for Alex and Henry. Forever, I tell you.

And there you have it folks, some of my top romance picks straight from my little, shriveled up, ice cold heart!

Until next time,


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