Review: Bone Crier’s Moon

“You’re worth the risk, do you hear me? You’re always going to be worth the risk.”

Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Format: e-ARC

Thank you Katherine Tegen Books for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for a honest review!


46249012Bone ​Criers have a sacred duty. They alone can keep the dead from preying on the living. But their power to ferry the spirits of the dead into goddess Elara’s Night Heavens or Tyrus’s Underworld comes from sacrifice. The gods demand a promise of dedication. And that promise comes at the cost of the Bone Criers’ one true love.

Ailesse has been prepared since birth to become the matriarch of the Bone Criers, a mysterious famille of women who use strengths drawn from animal bones to ferry dead souls. But first she must complete her rite of passage and kill the boy she’s also destined to love.

Bastien’s father was slain by a Bone Crier and he’s been seeking revenge ever since. Yet when he finally captures one, his vengeance will have to wait. Ailesse’s ritual has begun and now their fates are entwined—in life and in death.

Sabine has never had the stomach for the Bone Criers’ work. But when her best friend Ailesse is taken captive, Sabine will do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means defying their traditions—and their matriarch—to break the bond between Ailesse and Bastien. Before they all die.

The Verdict

Not gonna lie, I totally added this one to my TBR just from the cover alone. But luckily for me, the inside of this book is just as pretty as the outside. Bone Crier’s Moon is a hauntingly beautiful fantasy filled with lots of hate to love romance, magic, sisterly love, strong friendships, secrets, and betrayals. The writing in this is seriously stunning and the author does a great job of creating a world that makes it easy to escape into. Even though I did give this book 3.5 stars I think there are more reasons to enjoy this story rather than the few issues I had with it, so let’s dive in!

What I Liked

👯‍♀️ Strong emphasis on female friendship. I love strong female friendships/bonds in stories. The lengths that Sabine and Ailesse go to in this book to save each other is adorable and shows that their love for one another has no limits, they will risk everything to help each other. We love to see it. For me, Sabine was the real show stopper in this book and I think seeing her growth throughout the story and what she was willing to do to get Ailesse back was what I enjoyed the most about this story.

🔮 Magic. I thought the magic system and history of the Bone Criers was well thought out and written. I was not a fan of how the Bone Criers attain their powers but I did think it was pretty interesting that once they have these powers and they use them to ferry the dead and move them into the afterlife.

😈 Enemies to lovers. It was pretty easy to see this was going to take a turn and Ailesse and Bastien would end up developing feelings for one another and I will say, this was not by any means the best enemies to lovers story I’ve ever read but I still eat this shit up. The fact that they started this story off wanting nothing more than to kill each other really made my heart swell.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multiple POV’s. The story is told from Sabine, Ailesse, and Bastien which helped keep me on edge. I was constantly going back and forth trying to decide whose side I wanted to be on. Bastien or Ailesse? There was so much at stake and so much that each of these characters could lose that I ended up reading a good majority of this in just one sitting to see how things would play out.

What I Didn’t Like

🐺 Save the animals pls. Kill all the humans, I really don’t care but once we start hurting the animals I get very emotional. If you’re like me and animal death is a big no no then you might get a little upset in this as well. Bone Crier’s have to kill an animal and wear one of it’s bones to attain the heightened senses of whatever animal they kill. And the book literally opens with Ailesse and Sabine killing a shark which was not easy for me to read. So, just be ready for that and be aware that there are a few scenes like that throughout this book.

😴 Too long. This ties right into the my next issue as well so I’ll keep this one to the point. If this book was a standalone I think it would have been fine, but since it’s not it just seemed way too long.

🔚 Flimsy premise for book two. I am definitely not a fan of how this book ended and at this point I fully believe this should have been a standalone. Maybe my mind will change with the sequel but as of right now I’m kind of bummed. This book comes in at just under 500 pages so all of our questions could have easily been answered without feeling rushed. However, it seems that the author just kind of made this new problem appear out of thin air at the end just to keep the story going. And the problem with that is that I’m not nearly interested or invested enough in this “new” predicament to really care what happens. Am I still going to read it? Probably. Do I care though? Not really.

And there you have it, friends. If you’re looking for a fun new eerie and atmospheric fantasy to dive into then you might not want to let this one slip past you.  However, just be ready for the little bits of animal cruelty this does contain if that’s a hard limit for you!

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