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I’m back…or sort of. I’m still going to be posting super sporadically and my reviews will most likely be a lot shorter now that the little one is here but I won’t lie after a month off I’ve missed posting on here. I’ll still be a lot more active on Goodreads and Twitter than I will on here but I’ll probably pop back in a few times each month with some reading updates/reviews.

Now, on to today’s post!

A few months back I read a bunch of romances that can all be found on Kindle Unlimited and had a lot of fun putting the post together, even with the major flops along the way. You can find my first post HERE. So, I figured what better way to kick things back off with another round of KU romances and this time I’m proud to say there was not even one single DNF – which is pretty impressive considering how picky I can be at times.

Let’s dive in!

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

29367958. sy475

Rating: 3/5 stars
Synopsis: HERE
Steam Factor: 2/10

If you like slow burn and I mean sloooooooooow burn then this is definitely worth checking out. This is basically a boss/assistant turned enemies turned friends and then turned into lovers type of romance. It definitely reads on the softer side and I can honestly say I really didn’t hate this even though I tend to enjoy my romance on the darker side. Somehow, I missed the Mariana Zapata train but I’m slowly starting to catch up. If you’re looking for any type of smut in this book just now that you’ll be waiting until the 97% mark – it was definitely a bit of a bummer for me but at least I enjoyed the characters along the way.

Charlie Travesty Series (#1-4)


Rating: 2.5-3 stars depending on the book
Synopsis: HERE
Steam Factor: 3/10

Vampires, romance, and a dystopian feel? Yes, please. I picked this up on a whim near Halloween since I wanted alllll the paranormal books in my life and these were a lot of fun. Each “book” comes in at around 100 pages so they’re quick to gobble up and they always leave you wanting more. If you’re like me and are still always down for a novel with a good dystopian feel this does exactly that. Plus, there’s a whole slew of other paranormal creatures aside from vampires in this as well. The romance in here isn’t overly smutty but there’s a few good steamy scenes I can appreciate the fourth book definitely left me extra curious as to how the rest of Charlie’s story will pan out.

Flock & Exodus (#1 & 2)

40748777. sy475

Rating: 3 stars
Steam Factor: 9/10

Not going to lie, this duology took me by surprise. I picked this up on a whim and ate these two books up within days. The love interest isn’t who you think it is, the relationships are toxic as hell, but the smut? WHEWWWW. Next level. This is also one of those instances where the less you know about the books before you start them the better. Don’t look up spoilers and just enjoy the ride because it is quite literally a wild one. Book one will have you thinking the story is going in one direction but book two will leave your head spinning, you heart throbbing, and the pages turning in no time.

Let’s Chat!

Do you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription? If so what are some of your favorite romances on there OR what are just your favorite romance novels in general? I’m in need of some books to keep me company during all the late nights and romances are always easy for me to devour in a few sittings!

Until next time,


  1. I’ve been obsessed with kindle unlimited lately. I’ve been tearing my way through all of Melanie Harlow’s smutty romantic stories lately, and K.U. has been such a convenient way to keep getting new stories fast.


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