About Me

Hi there! ✨

Chances are if you made it to this page you’re a little curious about the face behind the The Bookish Chick. My name is Alana and I’ve been reviewing, rambling, and ranting about books on here for the last two years but you can also find me on Goodreads or Twitter! I originally started this blog to be able to talk about books more so than just reviewing them on Goodreads and over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to grow this blog and meet some amazing book lovers along the way!

Here’s a few more things about me:
  • cropped-m1hm8o9c.jpg-large.jpgI’m a Scorpio through and through
  • I am happily married to the man of my dreams who let’s me buy all the books
  • When my nose isn’t stuck in a book you can usually find me looking for new music or working out
  • Halloween is my favorite time of year
  • Food, books, and coffee are the key to my heart, in no particular order
  • I love meeting and interacting with people in the book community and have been super active on Goodreads since 2012


I do not own any of the images/fonts on this site unless otherwise specified. Majority of the images I use are found on Tumblr. I try my best to find all creators and give you credit for your awesome work, but sometimes it is hard to track you down. Should you come across any of your work and wish for it to be taken down please head over to my contact page to let me know so I can immediately do so!

My avatar was created by the lovely moriisun, you can check out their work over on Twitter and Instagram!

Happy reading!